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Latest Software Updates

  • DosTelediarios 1.0 2 Free
    DosTelediarios 1.0 2
  • ScareFriends 2.3.1 Free
    ScareFriends is a software that displays screaming pictures with a countdown time.
  • Control Freak! Full Version
    Manage the time spent on a computer. Control Freak! automatically shuts down a computer when the desired limit is reached.
  • APT Golf 2.2 Trial version
    Keep track of golf handicap and statistics for one or more golfers
  • GR Case Converter 1 Free
    GR Case Converter is a small simple tool to convert to upper lower or proper case.
  • YouMinds Composer Free
    Knowledge management software that combines mind mapping, note taking, diagramming and slide presentation.
  • Home Library CD-DVD-BD Demo
    Easy to use, strong and well-arranged management tool for CD, DVD, BD and many more discs.
  • Simple Graphs 1.4.0 Trial version
    Secure data visualization with this easy-to-use and elegantly interactive data visualization Dashboard designer for Windows.
  • CSV Editor Pro 5.0 Trial version
    A powerful tool for working with CSV files.
  • Jar2Exe 2.1.7 Trial version
    Convert Java files to exe
  • PCast Trial version
    Display them live a browser in a safe and easy to use way...
  • Intel Media Server Studio 2015 Trial version
    Innovate optimized media infrastructure and solutions with Intel® Media Server Studio.
  • Dr.Explain 5.1.1006 Trial version
    Make help files for your software automatically
  • RapidTyping Portable 5.0.101 Free
    A fun app to improve your typing skills
  • RapidTyping 5.0.101 Free
    Improve your typing skills in a fun way
  • Test Generator 5.1 Trial version
    Test Paper Generator is a product from experts in software producers for education sector.
  • Rapid Typing Tutor 5.0.101 Free
    Teach yourself how to type faster with ease
  • BioProfe READER Free
    Solve the exams that have been sent by your teacher. The exams can contain test questions, math formulas and graphics
  • Euro Anzan 1 Free
    Flash Anzan for pupils from 3 years. Include level 0 with no symbolic quantities ( points)
  • Time Table Rhyme Classic - Flash Cards Trial version
    When you purchase the Time Table Rhyme classic learning card...

  1. 1. Phorum Script 5.0.18
  2. 2. Guestbook Generator 1.2.6
  3. 3. Windows 8
  4. 4. Springpad 1.1.1011.19
  5. 5. Press Release Script
  6. 6. Risk
  7. 7. PunBB 1.2.12
  8. 8. S21 Site Submit
  9. 9. Online Guestbook Pro
  10. 10. TimeSentry 2.5.3
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